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These are just of few of the things we can do to enhance your child’s interaction with the school’s systems, at school,.. and from your home network.

  • Set up your home so that your children will have access to everything offered by the school without having to be there!
  • Access the school system from home with the wireless built into their laptop
  • PRINT all your work at home without having to go back to the school.
  • Seamless access to the Internet
  • Instantly use Outlook to get to all of your school E-mail
  • Share your high speed Zoom Town or Road Runner connection with all of your home computers through a wireless network
  • Many parents have already made school life easier through a combination of the above services.
  • All done for a reasonable one time cost - helping you to purchase the correct and most effective equipment
  • No middle man, no additional mark-up!
  • The job will be done on a per hour basis, plus equipment, with an estimate presented before any work begins.

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